2 Year Poems by George Kuntzman and Mark Sonnenfeld

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Experimental poetry chapbook, photocopied on colored paper and colored cardstock cover, half-page size, price unknown.  ISBN: 978-0-9820258-7-1.  Published by Mark Sonnenfeld of Marymark Press, written by Mark Sonnenfeld and George Kuntzman; East Windsor, New Jersey, USA.  September 2009.  Chapbook containing the following poems by Mark Sonnenfeld: "2 2 2 2 1/2," "summer head Symphony," "So But The regular life broke its wrist.," "Hallelujeh misspelled," "Radios blaring," "Hair bangs in need of sunlight," "the Communist Party," "A missing substantial amount of hours," "Drone / Up-tic," and "They have been observing me, and."  Poems by Geroge Kuntzman: "SEATING CHART," "TRANSFER," "BIOGRAPHY," "RIVERS OF GREEK MYTHOLOGY," "RING AROUND A SONNET," "OPTIONS," "TRAINWRECK," "ANAGRAM WILL I LET A SUM BETRAY?," "THE SECOND AMENDMENT," "BIG SUSPENDER."