Removal of your work from Izla

This is a very cool library meant to showcase and archive the small press the way it was at any point in time.  Yes, it's true, we all grow, and we all change our minds about our emotions and opinions, but please remember that this archive is not necessarily about the now.  It's about the then.  In order to make this archive as complete as possible and to capture as much as we can in any point in small press history and culture, we need everyone's participation.

That's why we urge you to keep your work in our library, and we strongly advise against removing it simply because you're not the same person now who you were in 1995.  Trust me, we understand that.

If after you've really, really thought about it, you still really, really want your zine removed, then please just shoot us an email.  It's as easy as that, although I implore the creative conscience to change its mind.

If you are wanting to remove your zine because you sell it to make profit at a different site, consider that thousands of people will see it here, and, if they like it, they will try to track down your site and more info about other available products of yours.  The exposure is worth leaving it in the archives.   Plus, if you're trying to make money off zines, you might want to consider a new hobby.

As an alternative, if you'd rather just remove your name from being connected with the zine listing, we can do that instead and would much rather do that than remove your zine entirely.  

Removal can only be done by the zine creator who wishes for the zine to be removed from the archives, not just any random person for any random reason.

The archives are cool, so please participate!