Cokefishing in Alpha Beat Soup: August 2009

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Poetry and art broadside, photocopy on plain paper, 11" x 16" size, $1.  Published by Dave Christy (deceased) and Ana Christy of Alpha Beat Press; Sellersville, Pennsylvania, USA.  August 2009.  Broadside containing the poems and art of various authors and artists: excerpt from Dead as a Doornail by Ana Christy; port of call by leah angstman; 3 Denials by Will Mayo; I Travel the Road by Stephanie Hiteshew; 6 AM POEM by A. D. Winans; two in the morning, unyielding pain by J. J. Campbell; I'd Rather Die... by Beatlick JOE SPEER (deceased); KID ON A BIKE by ed galing; BEFORE BREAKFAST by Ruth Moon Kempher; SORT IT ALL OUT by Stanley Berne; New Years Eve by David C. Orsheski; DARK OPINIONS by Roger Lee Behnke; artwork and photographs.