Dead Reckoning: The Sailor Poems by Robin Merrill

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Merchant marine poetry, photocopied chapbook with cardstock cover, saddle stapled, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", $3.  Written by Robin Merrill, and published by MuscleHead Press, a division of BoneWorld Publishing; Russell, New York, USA.  November 2002.  Poems about sailing the Great Lakes of Michigan with the Merchant Marines.  Poems include: not a hero; breathe; going and coming; philosophy; this strange life; the sexual harassment speech; Bull (a tribute {sort of}); the physical; an ode; I got coal (a work song); new boots (another work song); Cuyahoga; the first time; acclimating (in three parts); the bad boat bells; I cry when the madmen holler at me; miles; befangled; the liberator; no secrets on a ship; a promise; too much; one glorious day; I fell in love with a kicker today; man of men; the women who wear dresses; a sailor's lament; one true love.  Also includes an illustration of a kicker boat by Ryan A. Merrill.