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2 Year Poems by George Kuntzman & Mark Sonnenfeld
A View #55 by Michael Goetz
A View #67 by Michael Goetz
Amnesty International USA Group 81 May 2003
Amnesty International USA Group 81 October 2006
As A Boy by Luc Fierens [E]
Beatlick News Vol. 2 Iss. 27 
Behind The Rhododendron by Amanda Oaks
Broadcasting Channels by Mark Sonnenfeld
Brain Cell #749
Cleave Press Catalog February 1997
Clumsy Envy of the Fuzzy Sellout #3
Cokefishing in Alpha Beat Soup: July 2009
Cokefishing in Alpha Beat Soup: August 2009
Cokefishing in Alpha Beat Soup: October 2009
Colors #15:10-94 by Aaron Trudgeon
Comics #23 by Michael Goetz [E]
Contacts/Penpals Newsletter 1992-1997: A Retrospective 2001-2005, The
Cult of Sleepless Nights, The, Poster
Dank Zine #2 [E]
Dead Reckoning: The Sailor Poems by Robin Merrill
Death of Antiosocialman, The, Chapter Two by Matt Feazell
Durable Goods #1
Durable Goods #6
Ego Records Spring 1998 Catalog
Ego Records & Super-Babe Productions Catalog 2001 
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: August 2002
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: December 2002
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: August 25, 2005
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: September 2007
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: October 2007
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: January 2008 [E]
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: March 2008
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: July 2008
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: July 2008 Vol. 2  
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: June 23, 2009
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: July 2009
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: August 2009
Emolo (R.) Give-Out Sheets: March 8, 2010
Existentializing The Little Guy by Danielle Frohlich
Fade Out #5
Flatnailed by Mark Sonnenfeld & Ric Carfagna
For Dave Church, Poet: A Tribute #3 In Memoriam
For Hank by A. D. Winans [E]
Free Radical, The, Vol. 3 #2
Friendship Book 
Friendship Book #2
From The Marrow #74 
From The Marrow #79
Green Cow Gazette #2
Hey Pedestrian! Read This
Homesick Abortion Poster
Hours That Matter, The, by Christopher Cunningham
I Can't Sleep ...Because I'm... Awake by Etta Cetera
Incubus #1
It's Not Enough of Elvis by Paul Fericano
Jape #6 by Sean Bieri
Just A Comic Jam Done At SPACE Con #42
Lisa #11 by Aaron Trudgeon
Local Comics #29 by Michael Goetz
Ma Nature's Concrete Niche by Tim Scannell
Marymark Press Give-Out Sheet Series 2004
Marymark Press Give-Out Sheet Series: May 2009
Marymark Press Writing Sampler 2000
Marymark Press Writing Sampler 2000 Vol. 2 [E]
Meat #7 [E]
Message From The Homeland #9
Mosaics 1997
Moscow-esque by Mark Sonnenfeld
Mr. Stubbles #13 by Aaron Trudgeon
My Room Records July 1999 Catalog
My Room Records September 1999 Catalog
New, Improved Rajiv Coffee Table Book, The, by Suzanne Baumann
Oaks (Amanda S.) Mail Art 2006
Official Sparky The Dog Universal Parking Permit by Pam Bliss
Purple Berets Summer 2001 Newsletter
Revolution Calling #14 
Revolution Calling Advertisement
Revolution Calling Advertisement #2
Rub Out #1 [E]
Sandragons Mail Art
Saturday Afternoon #6
Saturday Afternoon #7 
Scalzone, Tina, Mail Art
Send In The Albanians by Matt Feazell
Serious George by Gary Freeman
Shenandoah Newsletter Fall 2003
Skipmeister's Daughter, The by Suzanne Baumann
Socialism for Beginners
Southern Poverty Law Center Report Vol. 30 #2
Starting Small Catalog 2002
Stupider Comics #28 by Michael Goetz
Super Duper Jam of Novi Comic Con, The, #46
Survivor Vol. 19 #10
Survivor Vol. 19.7 Part 2
Survivor Vol. 19.8 Part 2BX Recycle Special
There Is He/There Is She by Mark Sonnenfeld & Jennifer Esrailian
This Is The Day by S. A. Griffin
TimeLikeToons August 2009 Mailing
To Be The Fourth Wise Man by Giovanni Malito
Turtleneck Boy by Suzanne Baumann
United Penny by Mark Sonnenfeld
Untitled by A. D. Winans
Vishnu: The Train Ride To You by Amanda Oaks
Viva Vine, The, Vol. 7 #3
Wilgus (Neal) August 2009 Reprint Mailing
Wishing For My Star #1 
Zo: Velox by Francis & Leonie Osowski