Disclaimer about material on Izla

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In our efforts to archive this entire genre, it is imperative to know that zines, chapbooks, and the whole subculture involved, often use cut 'n' paste from other sources, sometimes copyrighted images.  We are reproducing these zines exactly as they were created for free archival purposes and do not intend to infringe upon copyrights, but in some cases, it may be inevitable.

Note also that there may be typographical errors, incorrect information, out-of-date addresses, or poor readability due to low-quality products, even despite our utmost care in reproducing the zines.  We do not advise using any of the addresses or contacts listed in these zines, unless the material is dated within the last six months.  Most of the contact and dated information is not current.  Izla is not intended to be a penpal site; addresses are for archival purposes only.

The material contained in Izla is not written or published by Propaganda Press, but it was all received by Propaganda Press at some point in the last 20 years.  Because most of it was sent to us free of charge or used with permission, we are putting it here for archival/library purposes.  We ask permission wherever possible, but if something here belongs to you, and you really, really don't want it here (boo on you, bad sport!), then please see the removal information in the right column.  Among all of the different zines in this archive, you're bound to find information with which you do not agree or that does not appeal to you, but we stand by the First Amendment and the respective authors' rights to say what they want.  If you don't like something presented, simply hit the [next zine] button until you find something you do like.  There are hundreds of options presented for your education and enjoyment.

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