Mosaics 1997

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Poetry, artwork, photography litzine; professionally printed on white paper, trimmed edges, glossy, raised cardstock cover; half-page-sized; price unknown.  Published by Mason High School Journalism Department and the Graphics Class at the Capital Area Career Center; Mason, Michigan, USA.  April 1997.  Poems: Untitled by Robert Fuller; My Love Is, Untitled, The Trip, and Lie by Sol; Paintings' Sonnet, The Secret, and No More by Amy Ross; Detours, Friends, Untitled, and Sleep by Jay Jacot; The Struggle Within, My Fear Unknown, and A Sign of Freedom by Keri Drobney; Black Shadow, Lost, Perfection, and Pink Gown by Carrie Rae; A Glimpse, Untitled, Untitled, Upon, and I Can Only Catch The Kisses by Anonymous; Loss of Self, A Quiet Tinge of Sadness, and Spark by Meagan Johnson; Untitled, Control, You, and Pound for Pound by Jason Miller; Untitled, Missing, and Untitled by Melanie Rasmussen; Untitled by Emily Lapinski; Just a Moment in Time by Wes Drobney; The Battle by Darcie Fellows; No Promises by Brie Layman; Life and You by Becky Fraser; Absurdities, Amour et deteste, L'arc-en-ciel, and Absurdities Deux by Antoinette Mashni and Gabrielle Miller; As I by Timothy DeVine; Adam and Eve and That Final Day by April Crandall; She's Dying by Richard Shafer.   Artwork: Jay Jacot; Elena Cervantes; Jordon Richardson; Julian Prete; Crystal Ervin; Starr Morua; Stacy Kollin; Shelina Howard; Matt Cloutier; Josh Doty; Lauren Barker; Kim Bliesener; Marie Dale; Jesse Lis, Felix Reyna.   Photo by Jennifer Deatrick.