Neal Wilgus August 2009 Reprint Mailing

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Poetry reprints, photocopied on plain paper, full-page size, free.  Published by Neal Wilgus, reprinted from various sources, written by Neal Wilgus; Corrales, New Mexico USA.  August 2009.  Reprinted photocopies of poems by Neal Wilgus printed in various outlets: "UPSIDEDOWN TURNED WORLD" from F*CK! (8/09); "TRAMPA MOSCA," "NIKOLA AND IVAN," "ENDS OF THE LINE," "UPSIDEDOWN TURNED WORLD" from Can Boreal #4 (1/09); "SUNSET CRATER" from Earth Love #30 (2/09); "Pig Iron" from Abbey #117 (2/09); "The Street" and "Lunar Tunes" from Beyond Centauri (4/09); "Drive By" from Clark Street Review #65; [untitled] from Lilliput Review #169; "Easy, Big Fella" from Blue Collar Review (Spring 09); "Trapdoor in the Sky" from Beatlick News (Summer 09); "GET OUT" from Elephant (4/09); "ON LINE" from Earth Love #31; "Dysphorium" from INTERDIMENSIONAL JOURNAL (5/09); "No Butterflies Allowed" from Tales of the Talisman Vol. 4 #4 (4/09).