To Be The Fourth Wise Man by Giovanni Malito

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Poetry chapbook, photocopied with cardstock cover, half-page size, $3.  Order # MHC-017.  Published by John Berbrich of MuscleHead Press, a division of BoneWorld Publishing, and written by Giovanni Malito (deceased); Russell, New York, USA.  May 2001.  Chapbook of poetry by Giovanni Malito: "A Gnostic Gospel"; "Grade School Values"; "The New Math"; "On The Plains of Abraham"; "Prognosis"; "Taking Care of Business?"; "Late Night (Without David Letterman)"; "Just Imagine"; "A Lesson in Etiquette"; "Palm Sunday"; "Act II Scene I"; "The Age of Christ"; "Chicken Little on a Bad Day"; "Hungry in Church"; "Once (perhaps)"; "The Future of an Illusion"; "The Fourth Wise Man"; "My Faith Restored"; "The Farmer and the System"; "Postmodern Diet"; "Cinco de Mayo Cafe"; "Spotting in the Cafe"; "At Jim's Grave"; "Amnesty"; "The Search"; "The Brain of a Fly..."; "Ben"; "Our Glorious Future"; and "Parting Advice."  Cover by Tracy Cox.