For Dave Church, Poet: A Tribute #3 In Memoriam

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Memorial broadside, photocopied, 11" x 17", free.  Published by R. Emolo; Paterson, New Jersey, USA.  June 2009.  Memorial broadside #3 dedicated to Dave Church, poet who died on Thanksgiving 2008, in the Providence taxi he drove for years.  Contains letters, poems, prose, and drawings from various authors and artists.  Letters from: Lila Goodman, leah angstman.  Poems: "For Dave Church Poet 1947-2008 R.I.Poet In Memoriam" by R. Emolo, "Like Me" by Milton Kerr, "Yellow Checkered in the Sky (Dedicated to Dave Church)" by James Michael Ward.  Prose: "Dave Church Was Right" by Joseph Verrilli.  Drawings by: Marc DeHay, and others.  #3 in a series.