Revolution Calling #14

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Issue #14.  Political and personal zine, photocopied on plain paper, quarter-page-sized, $2.  Published by leah angstman of Propaganda Press; Mason, Michigan, USA.  June 2003.  Everything by leah angstman, unless specified.  Personal writing, introduction, advertisements, feminism, I Was Not Born With a Gene That Requires Me to Wear Platform Shoes; Free Tibet by Kristin Kendall; knowledge busters; mental games; What Women Should Know; poetry; poem: god's lips; comics by Michael Goetz, Yul Tolbert, Matt Feazell, and Stanton; Is it All Right if I Use Your Ashtray for a Sidewalk?; photos; artwork; Gap, Inc. Sweatshops; Political Definitions by Shannon Colebank; thoughts on September 11, 2001, by Nick Laskaris and Stephanie; artwork by PBC, Pinguino, and Claudio Parentela; book, zine, music reviews; story by Charles D. Thacker (deceased); Talking with the Tax Man about Poetry; My Hometown; movie, book, and music recommendation lists; Complaints, Jots, and Quickies; poem: hinges; How Much Can I Learn for $100; random zine stuff.